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The way Live TV evolved

Live TV" href="">Live TV or live television started in 1958. It gained much popularity as it is used by every person in the world. Live TV" href="">Live TV is what we see in our televisions in our homes. Thus, it is a live airing of the shows like as the event happens; we can also ee it through our televisions. Live TV" href="">Live TV is usually shown in the morning shows of the TV networks such as Today, Good Morning America & CBS This Morning in the US. Most of the TV shows in the United States of America broadcast live because it is what most of the viewers watch.

Live television was used more for broadcasting current events and commercials. In the early years, it is the medium for spreading information and for keeping the residents updated to what is currently happening in their area as well as the other parts of the United States of America. Before VTR or the videotape recorder technology was invented, Live TV" href="">live TV was the main medium used by most of the TV networks. However, when videotape recorders were invented, lots of networks used it because the videos can still be edited before broadcasting it to the televisions.

However, even after the development of the videotape recording technology, lots of TV shows and TV channels were still using the live TV thought not all of their shows were done in a live manner. Live television is still popular until the present for attracting several viewers. Several famous shows are using Live TV" href="">live TV like NBC live comedy/variety program Saturday Night Live and several others.

Though it can be a risk for a show to be aired live, still, lots of shows are broadcasted live in order to give the viewers an up to date coverage of what are happening during the show.