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ASTV News 1 - Watch ASTV News 1 Live TV from Thailand

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Unfortunately there is no direct streaming for this station, so we placed a link to the official site for your convenience.

Watch ASTV News 1 Live TV from Thailand

Info about ASTV News 1 TV channel : ASTV News 1 is a News (Live) TV Channel from Thailand. Language: Thai 

ASTV News 1 Live TV is Thailand’s National Broadcasting Services handled by its own government. It serves as the communication link between the government and the citizen of Thailand in the said media.

It could be accessed through both radio and television technology. That is, including online streaming resources. Like most of the TV stations in Thailand, ASTV News Live TV is owned and operated by its Government’s Public Relations Department, also allowing it to have regional versions.

It is basically the country’s important news bulletin, catering for the locales, using their mother tongue. ASTV News Live TV operates 24 hours a day, keeping their listeners and watchers properly informed, when they need it.

The network is loaded with informative programs focused on up-to-date international and local issues, weather, and the like. They are powered by the fact that proper information dissemination is the key to reducing and fighting ignorance and apathy.



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