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Al Dawri - Al Kass - Watch Al Dawri Live TV from Qatar

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Unfortunately there is no direct streaming for this station, so we placed a link to the official site for your convenience.

Watch Al Dawri - Al Kass Live TV from Qatar

Info about Al Dawri - Al Kass TV channel : Al Dawri - Al Kass is a Sport TV Channel from Qatar. Language: Arabic 

Info about Al Dawri: Al Dawri is a Sports TV Channel from Qatar

Al Dawri - Al Kass Live TV is a sports broadcasting network based in Qatar, Middle East of Asia.

It is broadcasted in the Arab language, catering to most of the people in the said locality. The live TV channel is also known as Al Dawri wal Kass or “The League and The Cup,” airing 24 hours a day.

It was named so for initially. The channel was made to broadcast only football cup games from and in Qatar. Now, being official Sports Live TV network, its programs include up-to-the-minute updates regarding a variety of sports from all around the world.

Al Dawri & Al Kass Live TV is only the second sports TV channel launched in Qatar, after Al Jazeera Sports.

It has been a leading sports broadcast channel since, proven after it was declared as one of the most famous live TV sports networks in Arabia. It has been airing for 5 years now.  



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