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In able to watch Live TV or listen to a specific audio or to watch a specific video on the internet, a person needs to download the file and have it save on their computers, then listen and watch the saved file later or either use the data transferred immediately without waiting to finish the download of a certain file.  The latter process is called Streaming.  

This is basically what website does. We provide the online viewers a free streaming of videos from the different TV channels and stations around the world. Videos that were being displayed here were not personally owned by the website; rather, what we do is that we use live TV or broadcasting a specific channel or station upon what is happening at that very moment. So, primarily this website offers you a live TV through the use of the internet.

This website does not only enable its viewer a chance of watching programs from different channels around the world, but also gives a wide variety of choices on the categories of channels they want. There are currently more than 1,800 international channels and stations available at this site. While right now there are merely nine categories per channel where you can fit your interest with, namely; General, Music, Religious, News, Government, Sport, Weather, Webcams and Educational. You can choose watching your live TV in preference of your choice.

These wide arrays of choices make it very flexible and helpful at any ages and levels. One can choose on what to watch, since there are too many channels to choose from. In addition, each channel had their own categories, depending on the programs that they provide. Basically, our website gives you the convenience and entertainment in one. From the different channels and different categories, no one can go wrong with this website. We offer TV shows and programs that were not featured on your usual cable networks.

However, in any case that some of the videos being streamed on this website would not work properly due to any specific circumstances; we would not be responsible for it. We would be very happy to serve you and offer you this free streaming of TV channels and stations around the world. However, we do not have any responsibility on cases like what is being stated above, since is a third party website, thus it is at your own risk, whether you use this site properly or the other way around.  

Visiting this website for live TV experience is really beneficial for the viewers, since we all know that there are certain TV channels or stations that are specific only for that exact country. This is truly helpful for those people who moved from one country to another, because he or she will still be able to watch the TV shows and programs, he/she used to watch.  Thank you for this site, we now have a chance to experience the convenience of watching the TV shows and programs of our choice with